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Oh breaking up… Truth is, it sucks. But sometimes as a human being you have to come to the conclusion that your relationship is clearly not working and tbh, its best you and bae part ways. It could be because of bae’s financial condition (yeah I said it!),  emotional unavailability distance or even their *ahem* bed side manner. It’s almost never an easy situation especially when the decision might not be supported by both parties. Think about the few times (or many for us pros) times that you’ve had to breakup with your partner, and how difficult it was to come to the decision. Finding subtle or not so subtle ways to end the relationship can be really helpful in saving you weeks and even months of thinking and fidgeting.

Crying Girl

‘When bae dumps you.’


‘When you dump bae’

So here are five ways to call it quits;

In person: While this gives you the opportunity to be open and sincere as you owe them that much, you also have to remember you stand a high chance of being punched in the face. Or even worse- you might have to watch your partner drown themselves in a pool of tears.

Phone: If you want to skip the potential drama or Nigerian movie your partner might display then we suggest you end your relationship via a phone call. Evil tip: Flash them and have them call you back if you know it’s going to be a long one…Lol.

Text: If we’re being perfectly honest, it’s not every relationship that involves epic love and romance and feelings. Sometimes, it’s just a bit of silly fun. If you never really cared about them or they never cared about you, then there is absolutely no need to go all out. A simple text message that doesn’t exceed a page and will cost you just four naira will do just fine!

Over drinks: If you’ve got little or no conscience then this is definitely for you- call it quits with your partner when they are tipsy. By that I mean tipsy enough to clearly understand what you said and still not break the whiskey bottle on your head. By the time they are sober and reprocess what you said, you would have been long gone.

Disappear: Yeah, you read that right. Disappear! This has to be a straight up evil way to call it a day with your former personal person but man, at times, it’s really just your best bet. Especially when it comes to one of those baes who REFUSES to hear ‘it’s over.’ Change your address, change your phone number, block them on your social media accounts. Vanish into thin air and have them thinking if you really existed for real.

Written by Treasure Asanammy

Photo credit: CW

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