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Written By Damilola Faustino

A number of Nigerians have the wrong perception that black is not beautiful and that fair women are more attractive. As a result and in order to make society happy, many beautiful dark skinned ladies have resulted to skin bleaching. While pressures from society can be persuasive in convincing you to change your personal beauty, the side effects are devastating and are suffered alone. Society will not suffer the side effects for you:

Mercury poisoning

Many skin lightening creams contain large amounts of mercury. Mercury is a naturally occurring mineral but too much of it can become toxic or even fatal. It can have horrible effects on the body.

Serious skin damage

If you suffer from skin diseases like acne, dermatitis and eczema frequently, it is because you used skin bleaching creams.

Uneven Colouring

Depending on how you apply the product, you could get an uneven result due to poor application. The uneven colouring may also be the result of uneven pigmentation on your skin. Slow healing

Slow skin healing

If you use bleaching cream on your skin, your skin’s ability to heal when suffering from an injury, lesion or rash will be inhibited.

It causes skin dryness, redness and burning

Hydroquinone is one of the major ingredients in bleaching cream. It is a fairly caustic substance. The side effects for hydroquinone include redness, peeling, a rash, dryness and burning where you have applied the cream.


Again, hydroquinone has extremely high cancer riskand can weaken the skin causing it lose elasticity. This can lead to skin cancer.

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