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It’s finally Thursday again meaning the weekend is just within your reach. To celebrate making it through another grueling week of work/school/life, you deserve a drink. More specifically, you deserve a mojito.


mojito 3


The first step to making the perfect mojito is to channel your inner Cuban. So here’s a little something to put you in the mood.




50ml Bacardi Superior rum
2 spoons caster sugar
1 squeezed lime wedge
12.5ml lime juice
10-12 mint leaves
Soda water to top
Lime wedge and mint sprig to garnish



First put your caster sugar into a large, sturdy glass. Squeeze in the juice from your lime wedge and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Then add the rum and lime juice. Next up add a load of crushed ice (if you only have ice cubes put them into a tea towel and give them a bash with a rolling pin). Now for the fun bit; get the mint leaves and place them in the palm of your hand then clap your hands together – the shock will release all that lovely minty flavour. Drop the leaves into the glass and stir with a large spoon. Top up with soda water and garnish with the lime wedge and mint sprig.

And there you have it- the perfect mojito!


mojito 2

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