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By Damilola Faustino

Making the decision to become an entrepreneur is never easy. But when you eventually do, there are so many things you will gain. Ask Audu Maikori. Here’s what happens when you own your own business:

Opportunity to make people’s lives easier

You have come up with an idea for a product or service which can make people’s lives easier. So, by putting your idea to work and starting a business, you are actually contributing to making the lives of people better. You are providing a solution.

You become more confident

The fear of failure will evaporate and your interaction or engagement with people will significantly improve. This happens because you have overcome a big milestone and subconsciously, for every fear one conquers, their confidence levels boosts in other aspects of their lives subconsciously.

Gain invaluable experience

Starting a business in a country like Nigeria is very tough. If you are able to navigate these challenges, you will definitely gain invaluable experience that will come handy in your future dealings.

You become more accountable

Entrepreneurship will help you up your accountability game. When you have your own business, you are your own boss. There is no one looking over your shoulder making sure you do the work. As an entrepreneur, you have to learn to hold yourself accountable, or you will not succeed.

Steady income

If you have always worked for somebody else, your employer determines your income. As an entrepreneur, there are no limits placed on what you can earn. Instead, you determine your earnings. And if you do this right, you won’t go broke.

Your time is Yours

Once you own your own business, those days where you have to wake up early to beat all the odds that may stop you from getting to work at your opening time are over. You determine when you want to wake up, leave the house, return home, etc. Your time is yours to do as you deem fit, but you still have to invest that time to gain from it.

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