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By Daniel Ugbang

With the continuous talk of sex dolls, I cannot but ponder on what the future of sex could be. I have come to understand that as humans, we continue to seek out ‘ease,’ what way is best to do it and avoid stress.

I can tell from this stance that the quest for ease, the freedom of choice, individual definition of sex and the love of solitude by introverts pose some threat to the future of sex. If you are in doubt, I am here to tell you that even Dr. Laura Berman detailed all the exciting tech-y ways you’re going to be able to get it on in the cyborg-riddled future.


“In the future, you won’t have to bother with hanging out at some bar on a Saturday night if you’re looking for a quick one-night stand. There will be robots to cuddle and, um, do that thing you like that you were always afraid to ask your ex-boyfriend to try”.

He also said, technology could eventually eliminate the need to ever be in the same room with your sexual partner ever again.

A victory for the sex drives of germophobes and antisocial people everywhere. Even though humans are emotionally wired, some people find emotional attachment and the commitments that follow suit stressful or demanding, thus, finding ways to embrace the celibate life.

All hail Spike Jonze, future sex psychic, because a lot of what he envisioned in the Oscar-nominated 2013 film ‘Her’ is probably going to come true. Virtual reality boyfriends are going to be all the rage. In fact, they already kind of exist with a weird service called Invisible Boyfriend that texts you lovingly.

Since the late 1980’s, sexuality has figured prominently on the western political agendas, covering national as well as international issues. Controversies around teenage pregnancy rates, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, regulation of prostitution, sexual exploitation of children, internet porn, gays and lesbians in the military, gay marriage and adoption of new reproductive technologies and older issues such as access to abortion are currently subjected to renewed contestation.

Issues such as Aids, sex tourism, internet network of pedophiles illustrate the global nature of this topic. Against the backdrop of the politics of sexuality, as well as wider social and technological developments, sexuality has undergone profound changes over the past few decades.

Modern sexual science has documented the impact of such changes on individual practices. Somewhat ironically, the primary agents in the transformation of sexual truths and relations of power are those that medicine and sexology had constructed as marginal in relation to hegemonic male heterosexuality, namely women and homosexuals of both sexes.

In the process of all these, social understandings of sexuality have opened up to a plurality of meanings. A friend once said, “Sex dolls has its advantages as it would help the timid ones who find themselves fainthearted or intimidated by the opposite sex”. And another chipped in saying “sometimes I wonder what the sexuality of my unborn children would be when they come into this confused world”. But if all these gives you too much of a dismal future vibe, don’t worry. As I do not think real human connection is going to become as outdated as a flip phone anytime soon, but be on the lookout as the future of sex is gradually becoming blurrier.

So are you going to get you a robot boyfriend or girlfriend?

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