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What comes naturally to Africans is at times a big deal to the ‘Oyinbos’- especially Kim-like Oyinbos.

So Kim has done it all when it comes to fashion and beauty, she has worn clothing brands most of us can only imagine, she has done all sort of hairstyles, worn all sort of shoes, in fact she has shared her fashion and beauty image and style via her game and app, we can authoritatively say she knows her onions in the fashion game.

One thing Kim doesn’t know or have idea of braiding her daughters’ hair.


Kim’s daughter, North West has dazzling natural curls, and likes to wear them in adorable braids. Unfortunately, her mother knows not a thing about hair braiding – obviously she has had someone style her hair all her life – except the easiest thing which is pony tail, I guess.

To solve this problem, Kim called in friends and experts to help her and oh, she sure needed a lot of help. Guess her talent lies only in clicking snap-snap for selfies.


Kim took out time to practice on some dolls and managed to braid her way to success, so now everything is right in the world. Kim later said of her experience: “It’s like such a fun experience in the morning with North and I, just getting her ready and getting her hair done.”

Written by Odinekachukwu Ishicheli

Images: .marieclaire