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On Monday, 10th October, the outspoken senator representing Kaduna central, Shehu Sani, commented on the arrest of seven judges by the DSS. He said:

With mountains of allegations of corruption in the kitchen cabinet of Mr. President; with mountains of allegations of corruption in the parliament; with mountains of allegations of corruption in the judiciary, now we are having a three Arms of Corruption.’

In his statement to Premium Times, the honorable said, ‘impunity is rooted in a society where justice is for the highest bidder, corrupt judges are merchants of justice; and commercialization of justice puts justice on tender.’

While stressing that the judiciary risks losing public confidence if ‘rulings turn to products of transaction‘, he warned that security agencies should not be immune from respect for Rule of Law.

To the SSS and the Federal Government, the law maker said,

The Rule of Law, is the most potent weapon in the fight against corruption in a democratic society. Each time we circumvent the Rule of Law for expediency, we reinforce the pillar of tyranny. It is not the good we achieve when we cut short the Rule of Law, its the evil that could be justified using the same route. Whatever you achieve using the Rule of Law is insured against moral stain. To break the law in order to reinforce the law is to extinguish the flame of justice upon which the Rule of Law is alighted.’


Written by Okolo Ezinne

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