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Our Fashion History lesson today discusses three women of colour,


in their own right,

paved the way for every black female to feel recognised and represented

in the art of life and the realm of fashion.

Hattie McDaniel

There was Hattie McDaniel, the first African-American to win an Academy Award,

for her role as “Mammy” in “Gone With the Wind” (1939).

Those racist movie producers did all they could to make this woman of colour look doggone tired in the movie

Yet her style came through…

Ms Mcdaniel was the queen of accessories. Peep her earrings in this portrait

And despite being forced into a segregated room to collect her award, she shone through with a gorgeous array of floral accessories in her hair and outfit.

Lena Horne

This woman is everything and more and I’m kicking myself in the foot for just finding out about her.

A singer, actress, style queen, activist and ageless beauty  Lena Horne

rose to fame with her vast bodies of work

which include Stormy Weather” and “Cabin in the Sky

From 1943 the woman of colour started paving the way till her passing in 2010.

Lena lives forever not only through her art; songs and sitcoms,

paved the way

Lena Horne

Every word she spoke was a pearl and she never missed out on showing racism her

Lena Horne

middle finger.

Eartha Kitt

She was a singer

and the actress who played Catwoman in  the ’60s

Her hair was always in perfect condition

And she stayed with the drama in her art and in her life.

Jackee Harris, our favourite tv mum from the ’90’s sitcom SISTER SISTER,

confessed that Eartha,

who was 20 years older

slapped her because she slept with her then-boyfriend.

the colored women who paved the way

Eartha always voiced her opinions to the point that even The CIA tried to make her disappear for speaking out.

No matter what anyone says about Eartha Kitt

my conclusion is that she is a style queen who was way beyond her years and peers!

Eartha kitt

Above she cuts a slinky sexy figure in that heart-shaped black velvet number.

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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