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One of the best ways to escape the world around you right now is to read a good book. And what better way to spend a weekend not only reading a good book, but reading something that is funny, or entertaining, or which makes you feel all warm inside?

I’m sure that with all the bad news around you right now, you could do with a happy ending. That’s why you should check out my list of feel-good books to read this during this lockdown:


meaty Book


By: Samantha Irby

Samantha Irby has a special talent for making even the most awkward of topics funny, while drawing readers in close enough for them to see the pain beneath the humor. Her writing will make you feel that she is sharing secrets with you, her closest friend, all while turning those secrets into fascinating stories that you won’t be able to stop reading. Whether discussing the difficulties caused by Crohn’s Disease, or life with her mother, Irby offers even the most bitter memory wrapped in sweet comedy.


who-will-run-the-frog-hospital- book

Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?

By: Lorrie Moore

If you ever had a best friend as a girl, someone to whom you could not have been closer even if you were sisters, and you moved through your lives like an inseparable unit, then this book is for you. Moore evokes all of the feels about the intensity of adolescent female friendship when you couldn’t imagine not staying best friends with her until the day you die.


the pisces book

The Pisces

By: Melissa Broder

Lucy has declared a hiatus from men after her latest breakup, and she has agreed to spend the summer living in her sister’s beach-side cottage while dog-sitting Dominic, the affectionate foxhound. On one of her nightly walks along the beach, Lucy meets a mysterious stranger who goes for nightly swims in the Pacific. Lucy suspects something fishy about this man, but she can’t resist his siren call. Their romance will submerge her in some complex feelings.

By: Dammy Eneli

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