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Disappointments happen all the time, sad but true. In fact, we can’t move forward in life without facing a few disappointments. Maybe we didn’t get the promotion we wanted or didn’t get accepted into the school of our dreams, or we’re not able to afford that new car that we want…disappointments come in different forms, what’s important is how we deal with these disappointments and bounce back from them. Here are three ways to bounce back from disappointment:

sad disappointment

1. Allow Yourself To Be Sad: Give yourself some time to grieve over the lost opportunity. Unless you let yourself feel pain, you can’t heal properly. Giving yourself permission to grieve about disappointment is how you move on. But notice that we said to allow yourself some time and not forever when grieving. Stewing away in your own pity party is not an effective strategy for moving on.

2. Talk To A Friend: Usually, when we’re going through a tough time or trauma, we tend to pull inward and push people away, that’s a very bad move.  It turns out that outreach is a great strategy for dealing with disappointment. When we’re by ourselves, we tend to wallow and obsess. But people who seek out the comfort and safety of friends are the ones who recover fastest. when you’re feeling less than, friends will prop you up and give you a much-needed pep talk to help bring you out of your funk.

3. Get Out Of The Victim Mindset And Re-direct your energy: Don’t let a bad situation define you. Boost your self-esteem by changing your identity and getting out of that victim mindset. When you take action, you’re moving towards something better instead of dwelling on a setback. Focusing your efforts on a new goal or project can help distract you from feeling depressed, and provide the motivation you need to pour yourself into a fresh opportunity. Think of yourself as a victor, not a victim.

By: Dammy Eneli

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