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Those old games we played. OMG! I’m so excited to write this #throwbackthursday article. I was a big fan of games especially when I get to play the major role and reminiscing on those good old days where I never cared about a thing in the world gave me a good laugh. Let’s go memory lane to those games we played when we were children and abeg don’t form here at all, just drop your comments on the games you played.



Table soccer was a thing for the boys. I recall how my brother and his friends will go hunting for 11 old caps of soft drinks. Each one knew what to look for. The red team looks for Coca-cola caps, white was definitely Fanta and green was Limca. Damn! I recall how they carefully wash them clean and make marks so they don’t mix up. They made goal post from empty packs of Saint Louis sugar and just like Premier League, the games begins.


This entails securing spots like you are purchasing lands with a chart that is drawn on the ground. You have to jump over your opponent’s land to move ahead. Any opponent that barges into your land space is penalized and the person with most spaces at the end of the day wins the game. This got the girls feeling like Jet Lee; see flying.



My mum never liked this game. One time my cousin went into hiding from me and didn’t come out for hours. Mum came back from work and we all had to clean u before dinner. We searched and searched for my cousin. Only for mum to find him under her bed fast asleep and still hiding. She banned the game immediately.



Even the rain couldn’t hold us back. We had to be glad and be merry!



Condemned tyres of vehicles or motorcycles were used for the racing across short distances and the speed was mostly controlled with sticks and at times by hand. This mostly played by boys but a few girls commonly tomboys joined in the act.



Ha! Mummy and daddy game. I loved to be the mother, sharing the food, controlling and handling the home. Daddy was usually the cutest boy amongst all the boys. I know you very naughty ones will remember this game and the naughty things you did. God is watching you in 7D. Chia, those days *LOL* I can’t even deal with this one.


Monkey Post, Ten-ten, Police and Thief, Cataport, Running, Stuck in the mud, Nuts and Crosses, Yoyo, Biro wrestling, Red light Green light, Rubber band game. Did I miss out on other notable games? please share with us in the comment section below.

Written By Efe Ohworakpo

Image Credit: www.bevex.ch, www.alamy.com, www.tori.com.ng



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