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If you are a late 90’s baby, then this throwback is great for you. If you are way older, then let’s recall pleasant memories of times we spent and look back on these long forgotten banknotes.

Disclaimer: If you have spent any one of these notes, please go and marry!!

1959 – 1973: The Pound Era.



During the colonial era, the British currency notes were the first ever banknotes used in Nigeria after cowries and manilas.

1972: The kobo Era

In 1973, 5 denominations of the Kobo was introduced which were,   1/2kobo, 1kobo, 5kobo, 10kobo and 25kobo.


½ kobo. Front: Cotton plants, Reverse: Coat of arms.


1 kobo. Front: Oil derricks, Reverse: Coat of arms.

Nigeria 5 kobo 1976

5 kobo. Front: Cocoa beans, Reverse: Coat of arms.


10 kobo. Front: Palm trees, Reverse: Coat of arms.

25 kobo. Front: Peanuts, Reverse: Coat of arms.


50 kobo. Front: Maize, Reverse: Coat of arms.

1973: Notes

In 1973, the Naira note was introduced with the following denominations – ₦1, ₦5 and ₦10. Some notes were subsequently phased out, others redesigned and some new notes were introduced.

1-naira-note-300x166 (1)

1 Naira note. Herbert Macaulay. Introduced – 1973


Five Naira note. Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa. Introduced – 1973


Ten Naira note. Alvan Ikoku. Introduced – 1973


Twenty Naira note. Murtala Mohammed. Introduced – 1977


Fifty Naira note (old). Introduced – 1991


100 Naira note. Introduced – December 1999

Do you still have any of these note or coins? Send us pictures @AccelerateTV on Twitter and Instagram. We’re off to go be nostalgic now.

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