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Before you start reading this, click play below, sit back and prepare for the epic waves of nostalgia about to wash over you….and please….sing along.

You know you miss being a kid, and the adrenaline rush from grabbing a controller in preparation to spend hours rocking video games. Technically, we could do the same thing now but, our bosses (yours and mine) wouldn’t be thrilled if I called in siting ‘Mario Brothers’ as my reason for missing work and besides the games just aren’t the same!


Don’t get me wrong, Assassins Creed and Battlefield are fun enough and God knows how many weekends I’ve wasted senselessly murdering everyone on Grand Theft Auto but nothing is as sweet as seeing that ‘Finish Him!’ on the screen when you’re playing Mortal Kombat. There’s no feeling quite like when you killed Link for going on and on in your ear in Legend of Zelda. And till today, I haven’t felt any form of satisfaction quite like what I used to feel when I ate the mushroom and watched Mario grow bigger.

And now boys and girls…let’s run through the classics from consoles to games, grab a handkerchief because you are about to shed tears of nostalgia.

SEGA MEGA DRIVE aka ‘The Cool Kids ID’


Your house was the hangout spot if you had this Pandora’s black box of beauty, with its boomerang pad and almighty 3 buttons!

Classic Games

Sonic The Hedgehog




SNES-Super Nintendo Entertainment System aka ‘I DON’T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!’


What is happening in school that will benefit my life more than jamming with the sweet grey and slightly purple coloured SNES pad? This console (junior brother of the NES) was the first childhood proof that dreams actually come true…as far as there is electricity sha. One word to support the theme….Shoooryuken!!!

Classic Games

Super Street Fighter

Street Fighter II Turbo - Hyper Fighting (U)

Super Mario (When he upgraded to riding Yoshi)


Nintendo64  aka The ”please i’m no more your mate” console


3 words…..James Bond, GoldenEye. This 4 gamer console rocked out with its jet fighter controller, and for those who could afford to find and buy a rumble pack for vibrations, and memory pack for saving your game progress, human life had more meaning. Oh lord…that little joystick.

Classic Games



Legend Of Zelda


Special shout out to Nintendo GAMEBOY!! The Monalisa of hand held games and the ultimate classic.

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There you have it folks, our top 3 of all time plus one special. If you think we left out your favorite console, hit us up in the comment section and tell us what rocked your world as a kid.

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