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By Damilola Faustino

Tying your shoelace seems simplistic but quite a number of people still tie it wrongly, which can cause you to stumble on your own shoelaces. Not to worry, here are ways to tie your shoelace in just 1 minute:

Step 1

Begin by tying your ‘starting knot’ by placing the left lace over the other and pulling it under through the gap. Pull tightly.

Step 2

Pick up each lace using your fingers and get your thumb and forefingers ready.

Step 3

Pinch your thumb and forefinger together and go under the lace. Your thumb should stay close to the starting knot.

Step 4

Do the same on the other side, but go under the lace on the opposite side, like this.

Step 5

Bring your left thumb and forefinger towards the opposite lace and vice versa. Pinch the opposite laces at the same time and pull through.

Step 6

Finish by pulling hard to tighten the lace and prevent it from loosening.

Click here to watch the video

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