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Honeymoon preparation may seem like an easy task after all the stressful wedding planning, but unlike any other vacation you may take, this special getaway demands extra care and time to ensure a seamless trip. Here are some travel tips that will help you plan a perfect and unforgettable honeymoon:

honeymoon wedding

Research the destination

This is the first step to planning your post-wedding getaway, and it’s best to start early if you want to attempt everything on your honeymoon bucket list. It’s okay to rely on Google for research, but you can step things up by hiring a travel agent who can address all your concerns over phone calls and emails.

Prepare a realistic budget

It goes without saying that a budget is essential to effective honeymoon planning. Spending all your savings on your honeymoon is definitely not a good idea. Discuss finances with your partner and set an appropriate amount aside, but allow yourself some room for unexpected expenses.

Disagree to agree

Making decisions together is as important as it sounds. You want to keep enough space in your honeymoon schedule for both yours and your partner’s interests. Sit down and select the destination together, and then make individual lists of things both of you want to do there. You can combine these according to the time you have on hand later.

Get insured

Whether you lean towards a larger-than-life honeymoon or a quiet affair, chances are you’d want to dress up during the course of your honeymoon. By getting travel insurance, you cover yourself from any unexpected mishaps and risks like loss or theft of luggage. It’ll also cover a cancellation, or in a worst-case scenario, a medical emergency.

Check the weather conditions

Imagine booking an adventure trip only to eventually cancel it because of an unexpected bout of rain. Many countries have rather confusing seasons, and the key to honeymoon planning is to pick places that won’t let weather conditions get in the way of your to-do list. If you do happen to set your mind on a destination with an unpredictable climate, target a time when weather forecasts are largely clear.

Pack smart

If you’re a fussy packer, it is always a good idea to start well in advance, particularly if you’re slated to travel immediately after the wedding. Packing smartly is packing what’s essential, and no, that isn’t half your wardrobe. Your primary step is to determine the weather of the location and pick outfits accordingly. Think breathable fabrics, light jackets and layers.

By Damilola Faustino

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