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Hosting a gig or a party, whether it is a holiday party, birthday party or celebration in your home can be very stressful. And if you are not careful, you will spend all your money on the party. With these tips, you can plan, organise and save money, no matter the kind of party you are organising or throwing.

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Normally, for anything to be successful and free of any hitches; you have to properly plan.  You should have a budget where you list all your expenses and do not forget to put a price to it. It will also not be out of place for you to decide the number of people you are inviting,

Use what you have

There are items in your home you can use to improvise for your party. You do not need to spend money on food or decoration if you have these items at home.

Be hospitable

At the end of the evening, your guests will only remember how you made them feel. But they may not necessarily remember the pizza you bought from that bakery. Remember to remain hospitable and warm despite the pressure.

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Shop several weeks in advance to catch the sales/coupons

After you have planned your budget and decided on what you are shopping for, you should get those items as soon as possible. Never shop few days to your gig. The pressure will be too much and it is very likely that you will spend more. This will not be the situation if you shop in advance. Don’t forget to stick to your budget.

Always ask for help

The truth is you cannot do everything on your own. You should ask your friends to help you.

Maintain a Tight Guest List

Your party is not for every Jack and Jill. It is for only your friends and your friend’s friends. No gatecrasher is allowed. This will ensure that the food and drinks will be enough for any authorised or invited guests.

Hope you learnt something…

Written By Damilola Faustino
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