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There is a lot of misinformation about the physical capabilities of women’s ‘bodies’ all over the internet. We have biological myths such as the elasticity of the vagina or the idea that your hymen can only be broken through sexual intercourse. These ideas are grounded within the ideals of misogyny and need to be dismantled through education and awareness. That’s why it’s important to speak about topics such as this especially in Nigeria where such ideas are dangerously rampant and used as a manipulation tactic.  

Knowing how to keep your vagina clean is essential in order to avoid contracting STDs, developing diseases, but most importantly having it smell good. Here are some tips we’ve gathered for you on maintaining a healthy and clean routine for your womanly bits. 

Just water 

When washing your vagina, the best thing to use is just water as the vagina is already a self-cleaning organ. Using harsh chemicals such as perfumed soaps, prepackaged wipes or douching can affect the PH balance of the organ. Using such products can lead to other problems such as rash, burning or irritation. If you really can’t stand the idea of not using soap then try using gentle and unscented ones for the external part of your vagina.  

Visit your local Gynaecologist

If you haven’t done so yet make sure you do so soon. Seeing your gynaecologist is very important for your health as a whole. Going for monthly checkups is so important for your health. You should start getting routine screenings for pap smear by the time you’re 21 years old. This checks for cervical cancer in the cervix.  

Always use protection

Always remember it is within your right to refuse sexual intercourse if your partner refuses to use a condom. One cannot reiterate this enough that it is very important to use protection. This prevents the transmission of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.  

Pee after intercourse 

Pee before intercourse while you’re at it as well. This is to avoid contracting a UTI and lessen the possibility of bad bacteria settling and multiplying in your vagina. 

 Just eat right  

Above all else when in doubt, the easiest thing to do is just eating right and drinking lots and lots of water. Additionally, exercising and controlling your weight is also important. For example, poorly controlled diabetes increases a woman’s likelihood of contracting yeast infections and urinary tract infections. Fermented foods with a high probiotic content, like yogurt or kimchi, can help prevent yeast infections and keep your vaginal biome balanced.  

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