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By Damilola Faustino

Planning a trip or adventure can be stressful, but more stressful is planning an office get-together outside your office. But there are hacks to this, as there are to everything else. We expose them:

office vacation

Appoint a group travel leader

Appointing a group travel leader should be your first task in planning a group travel. Whoever is selected is the first point of contact and the person who ensures that the group trip is well thought out and planned.


You can not do everything on your own. As the leader, you must assign tasks to other group members, to speed up the group travel planning process. When distributing responsibilities, you must set deadlines to ensure that the tasks are finished in a very timely manner.

Create a WhatsApp group

You can create a WhatsApp group for your travelling team. Also, make sure you explain to everyone the reason you have added them to the group so that no one will exit. With this, they can receive latest updates about the group travel.

Research group bus fare

Group travel is not something that’s offered by every transport company, yet a number of them offer special deals and incentives for booking group travel. So, take advantage of this to cut cost.

Organise your plans

The group leader must make sure all of the travel plans are organised and things put in order. The chosen destination must be contacted, accommodation booked and the decision on whether you will cook or eat at a restaurant taken.

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