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As great as makeup is, it can also become addictive if you begin to rely on it as a clutch that defines your beauty. Your natural look not only allows for your beauty authenticity to shine through, it lets your pores breathe. Beauty bloggers had their fill applauding Alicia Keys for daring to step out to the Grammy Awards red carpet with no makeup on. But such beauty does not just happen to you, you work for it.

She is living proof that you can still look drop-dead-gorgeous without makeup. Let us show you how:

Alicia keys

Eat Healthy

As the saying goes, you’re what you eat. A healthy, nutritious diet is one sure-fire way to maintain a glowing skin. Endeavor to include vegetables and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like chia seeds, walnuts etc. vitamin rich foods like sweet potatoes, oranges, pumpkin should also be included in your diet to retain a fresh, healthy skin.

Get Some Sleep

Just like your cell phone needs recharging, so does your body need a good night’s sleep to refuel energy. 6-8 hours of quality rest is important to your skin health. Having a good night’s rest will help keep your skin fresh, get rid of those dreadful under-eye bags, keep stress lines away and leave you looking radiant.

Use Coconut Oil to Highlight Cheekbones

Coconut oil is one multi-purpose skin essential. Using it under your cheekbones can accentuate your facial bone structure and perk up your face. Just sweep a small amount under your cheeks for a beautiful, healthy glow.

Groom Your Eyebrows

If you didn’t know, your eyebrows actually shape your face and give it structure. Get a tweezer after taking a shower to weed out the bushy edges and align them to the shape of your face

Honey and Sugar For Natural Pink Lips

Both honey and sugar are natural ingredients for exfoliating. Make a small paste of brown sugar and honey and apply on your lips. Scrub in a rotating manner for a few minutes and rinse off. Doing this at least twice a week will leave give you natural pink lips.

Drink more water

The importance of water to skin health cannot be overemphasized. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water everyday helps to flush out toxins, increases your digestion and metabolism and leaves your skin looking clear and healthy.

By Sarah Oyedo

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