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TLR Couture is a unisex fashion label that embodies streetwear style in all its entirety. 

The Nigerian owned fashion label for many years dedicated its retail prowess to male consumers alone but keeping with the times has now extended the skillful workmanship and elegance that comes with every TLR couture piece to the wonderful female audience.

Now you can enjoy fashion excellence with a his and hers one-stop-shop. 



TLR Couture released its latest collection titled  ‘Antipode’ and permit me to give a stamp of approval because this fashion set is befitting for Kings and Queen alike! 

The bespoke brand is on a mission to get everyone on the best-dressed list for any occasion life presents be it official, casual or glamorous

The theme of this collection is VARIETY


And scrolling through the lookbook one needn’t go far before seeing the age-old adage incarnated- 

Variety is the spice of life. 


Rendered in bold vivid colors and lush fabrics, this exquisite collection redefines typical menswear and womenswear to include androgynous personalities and liberated souls. 


The plethora of Avante Garde designs makes the ANTIPODE collection a go-to brand when it comes to outfit ideas for the workplace or social gatherings. 

What’s in the ANTIPODE Collection? 

The collection includes suits, blazers, and kaftans but the fabric choice is the true competitive advantage. 

TLR Couture employs fabrics such as Italian and Turkish wool which undoubtedly sets them apart from partner brands.       

Having been released for just over a month, the collection is already guaranteed to be the most sought after fashion find for the last quarter of 2020. 


Where To Shop TLR’s Antipode Collection

Head over to the TLR Store at 64, Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos 

or online @tlrcouture on Instagram. 


Models: @iamagbaza and @teminikan_

Stylist: @fayo_ths

Makeup: @egbon_olamide

Hair: @abbeymattheworks

Photographer: @the.alfe

Shoes: @ddavidshoes


By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono


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