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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

They may have made up but that did not mean Tobi was going to let things go so easily.

Tobi has defended his decision to not save Cee-c when he had the chance to. Rather, he left her and her strategic partner, Lolu, up for this week’s eviction.


As the Big Brother Head of House, HoH, Tobi had the power to save a pair from going home on Sunday.

Tobi and Cee-c were strategic partners and have fought, made up, made out and even had sex before they were separated by Big Brother, so it is safe to say they have come a long way.

Therefore, viewers were shocked on Monday evening when Tobi was given the opportunity to save someone but he ignored his lover, thereby putting her and Lolu up for eviction.

Explaining his reasons for doing this to Lolu, Teddy A and Cee-c, Toby said, “This is my principle. This is my life and what I believe. The way Lolu is talking, it makes me feel so bad but I just want people to also see things my way. There were definitely that pressure and perception to save Cee-c, but it would go against my conscience. This is not a game for me.”

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