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Silverbird TV is undergoing a complete overhaul of its flagship morning show, ‘Today on STV’, a breakfast fan favourite, with new hosts Shade Ladipo (@ShadeLadipo), Onos Ovueraye (@onosxx) and Winfrey Okolo (@Whinphrydania).

onos ovueraye

Photo Credit: Oreva Onorie

Onos, who calls himself the “weird one” of the bunch, first found his footing used to be an entertainment editor and content writer for BellaNaija.com. He has also worked in and with Ndani TV, Accelerate TV, Black House Media and now Silverbird TV.

Onos has chosen to re-introduce himself with new photos taken by Noma Osula (@noma.o) and styled by nouveau riche artist and stylist Mister Versace (@mister_versace_). The shoot shows us his take on going through the motions, trolling his inner model.

“I can’t wait to see the memes this [photo shoot] could get in the right creative mind. I’m thrilled to see where this takes me, at best a C-list celebrity”, he laughs.

You can catch the engaging trio on Silverbird Television Channel 252 on DSTV every Monday – Friday from 9am – 10am.

Check out the sartorial mess below:

onos ovueraye onos ovueraye onos ovueraye onos ovueraye

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