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Tokyo James is using a Vinyl Blazer to showcase what the future will look like.

His SS21 Passcode Collection just dropped and I’m sooo here for the artsy vibe.

In true Tokyo James Fashion, models sported matching vinyl leather accessories in the form of leather pouchy bags and scrunched up leather caps.

The Vinyl leather effect is one which most savvy designers like to lean on.


The late Gianni Versace was a fan of the look such that most of the Versace collections during his peak periods involved leather-look shirts and patent blazers like the edition below.

If you don’t have thousands of dollars to purchase vintage Versace or Tokyo’s futuristic fashion staple

Yet you crave a fashion moment, why not look to the high street?


Invest in a belted dress vinyl blazer dress from Boohoo

Rock with a sleek back ponytail and diamante hoops in order to take back the night.


A Zara man is never complete without his vinyl biker zip-up jacket.

Rock with a turtle neck inside to tide you through cooler seasons or a graphic t-shirt to make a strong statement during the summertime.


An over-sized vinyl blazer can be dressed up or dressed down

Just ensure you rock it in your own unique way and have fun with it.

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono