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Raconteur Productions, the firm that took Omoni Oboli to court on behalf of Jude Idada has released a statement to shed more light on the copyright infringement case.

oboli case

Raconteur Productions, through their Communications Lead said:

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of Raconteur Productions, we would like to shed light on our case with the defendants.

“The events of yesterday, though unfortunate was our only option to prevent the ongoing abuse of our intellectual property. Several attempts were made to bring the parties to the discussion table. Three weeks ago they received a formal demand letter but chose to ignore it and instead tried to intimidate us into abandoning our case.

“Our decision to seek legal redress is not a selfish one; the industry has been plagued with similar issues and in taking this stand, we hope that we speak for all established and aspiring creatives who are struggling to get their voice heard. Victory in this will be a victory for the industry and will foster a safer environment for the sharing of ideas.”

okafor's law

Recall that Jude Idada had accused Oboli of allegedly ‘stealing’ the storyline for her new movie, Okafor’s Law from him.

This prompted a court order to suspend Oboli from premiering the movie as initially scheduled on March 24, as well as its release on March 31.

The Federal High Court has also issued an AntonPiller order ordering the seizure of the film. The order was proclaimed by Justice Ibrahim Buba.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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