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It’s important to use reputable skin care products and beauty products which are designed not to just make you look good but be good to your skin too. Here are some amazing Nigerian skin care brands below

R & R Luxury

R&R Luxury was founded in 2010 by beauty entrepreneur, Valerie Obaze, just after the birth of her first daughter, Rebecca-Rose (R&R). As one of the first luxury, natural beauty brands in Nigeria, Valerie Obaze has since created a range of luscious award-winning beauty formulations after starting the brand over 8 years ago, mixing and developing formulas by hand in her home kitchen.



Ajali is an all-natural, completely handmade cosmetics brand established in 2013 to promote local industry and create awareness for living a healthy life. Ajali’s entire range is 100% natural, preservative-free and diligently hand-made in Nigeria. Their products are suitable for everyone and open a very important conversation on social responsibility in the indigenous beauty industry.



Arami is a Nigerian-based skincare brand that was created to provide essentials for a simple, fuss-free routine. The company was founded on two major beliefs- your skin doesn’t need complex products to thrive and that natural ingredients are best. Arami is great because of their focus on natural, raw, locally-sourced ingredients which are very kind to the skin. Their Glow Oll and their Rose water toner ‘Elixir’ are beauty must-haves.

Skin Apothecary

The Skin Apothecary, founded by beauty expert Naomi Umunna, is a Nigerian-based skincare brand dedicated to creating great products using natural and raw ingredients. Their liquid black soap is a bestseller because of its proven healing properties. The lightweight soap helps heal problem skin, clear complexion and improve overall

By: Dammy Eneli

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