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Before getting into campaign war with Hillary Clinton, we remember Trump from celebrity news and gossip, plus a few cool cameos from the 90s and into the new generation. Here are the top 5 times Donald Trump appeared on screen rocking the swag of a billionaire. Sigh…..you liked him better then too right?

Two Weeks Notice- 2002

That time he popped up to taunt Hugh Grant about being dumped by his woman.



Sex And The City- 1999

Awkward bar moment on Sex And The City.



The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air- 1994

When he got a piece of Will Smith’s fun madness.



The Little Rascals- 1994

Of course he had to play dad to the rich snob kid Waldo in The Little Rascals. And what he says to him on that call is ”You are the best son money can buy



Home Alone 2- 1992

When a lost Kevin needed to find the Hotel lobby and the man he asked just happened to be the TrumpMan himself.


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