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Before we begin our top 5 freedom-fighting songs, here’s an Independence Day message to awaken you:

Now, enjoy our well-researched and unbiased list below:

Fela – Sorrow, Tears and Blood

In 1976, Fela released the album Zombie, and in usual Fela fashion, he took direct shots at the Nigerian Military. Fela was later lynched at his Kalakuta Republic home in an invasion style attack by ‘law enforcement’ and members of the armed forces. They left many injured, including his mother who was thrown out of a building window.

This is Nigeria

Donald glover’s song this is America broke the internet upon it’s release and was massively successful, the  sung went generated a lot of controvery with the video and there wwere lots of covers and parodies spun out of the sung. Our very own bad guy, falz has his versin called this is Nigeria highlight almost evey major problem afftecting Nigeria. The video went viral and Diddy even posted it on his Instagram account.

Raskimo – Under Pressure

Under pressure we wail under pressure

Under pressure black people under pressure

Under pressure Nigerians under pressure

Under pressure dance under pressure

No food in we belly

No money in a we pocket

No bed to lay we head

The people dem a suffer

In a ghetto

In a city…

The lyrics are self-explanatory, Need I even say more?

Eedris Abdulkareem

Following the release of his letter to mr president album, eedris abdulkareem controversial song jaga jaga became a monster hit after he went at the then Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo. The song was eventually banned from the radio but the deed was already done

Mr. President – African China

When a song from 2006 starts with ‘food no dey water no dey and our country no good’ and the words are still relevant in 2018, then you know you got a classic soong on your hand. African China letter to mr president was the soundtrack for the masses way back then and still is now.

Featured image credit: Classiccutemedia

Model: @harby

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