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By Damilola Yakub

Based on experience, I am going to share with you the top 5 rules of using a public toilet, whether at the cinemas, parks or offices, etc.

door knob

1. Double check the lock. Make sure the door is locked. I repeat, Locked! You don’t want someone storming in when you are in the moment, especially if you are at work. Your destiny will be affected!


2. Don’t be eager to open a closed toilet seat. Think twice. Ask yourself, perhaps it is closed because of the hell within.


3. Don’t shake me! Respect yourself, I just saw you come out of there.


4. Always keep a pocket sanitizer. You have no idea the number of germs people drop in there. So please protect yourself.

5. And finally, always leave the toilet as you would love to meet it. Please…

Thanks for reading. Please comply. These tips may save your life!

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