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By Damilola Faustino

It’s the festive season, which naturally translates to “Rice and Stew Very Plenty – RSVP”. There’s usually more than enough to eat and drink. Hence, it is advisable to check constipation before you begin to experience it. Here are five tips on how to prevent constipation this holiday:


Drink up

Be sure to take enough water especially when the weather is hot or dry. So drink at least 8 cups of water a day to stay hydrated.

Be careful what you put in your stomach

You can open the gate to constipation depending on the kind of food you eat which is why you should be conscious of what you put in your mouth. To ensure you stay healthy, some of the bacteria prone foods to avoid are dairy products, red meat, chips, cookies, bananas, and fried meals.

Don’t sit for long stretches

During a long distance journey, make sure you take advantage of any stop by taking a walk and drinking water. Sitting for long periods with no movement can stress your bowels and impress the need to use the toilet.

Find a routine

If you are used to a particular routine at home, there is a high tendency to breaking from that routine these holidays. But, this break can result in constipation due to the fact that your body wants you to maintain its rhythm. So, if you eat breakfast at 8 am when you are at home, you should do so on holidays too.

Use laxatives

If you are susceptible to constipation, you can use laxatives. Laxatives contain chemicals that temporarily relieve you from constipation. A combination of laxatives and healthy diet replete with fresh fruits, vegetables, and regular exercise can help stall constipation.

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