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The historical rivalry between two teams can make matches particularly interesting. A long term and passionate rivalry can attract spectators to turn in huge numbers, and motivate the players to put in their best performance. The result can be some of the most intense football you will see. Here are some of the biggest club football rivalries in history.

football rivalries

Partizan Belgrade v Red Star Belgrade

Partizan Belgrade v Red Star Belgrade are two of the biggest clubs in Serbia and their rivalry attracts thousands of fans. Their matches feature fireworks, riots, and bombs.


Roma vs. Lazio

Italy is full of rivalries and it would always take a big one to knock out the glamorous Milan derby from our list. Step up the two teams from the capital, who do not like each other one bit. And it shows.


Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

‘El Clasico’ is huge: the world’s best players, two of the world’s best club teams and a more spiteful history than a war documentary. Both teams always slug it out to ensure they win their matches.


Liverpool vs. Manchester Utd.

Liverpool has its Merseyside derby against Everton and then it has its rivalry with Manchester United. Tensions have escalated in recent seasons.

Olympiacos vs. Panathinaikos

In Greece, this city is known as the ‘derby of eternal enemies.’ In one corner of the tinderbox sits Olympiacos, from the working-class port town of Piraeus and with a swag of titles and cup wins to its name. In the other corner is the equally storied Panathinaikos – the rich boys. They are eternal enemies


Rangers vs. Celtic

The rivalry between Rangers and Celtic is not just about opposing sides of a class divide or a city. There are religious divisions – catholic or protestant, political divisions – loyalist or republican, ideological divisions – conservative or socialist – and background divisions. The rivalry goes as far back as 1980 after the Scottish Cup Final. This led to alcohol being banned from matches in Scotland.


By: Damilola Faustino

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