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The Big Brother Naija season is here again and the show has already started ushering in its own baggage of drama. We already had the crazy fully packed audition centres and the people fainting. We had people who were called out at the audition for looking darker skinned in real life than their Instagram photos showed. We also had the ones who claimed that the entire audition was rigged and Nigerians wasted their time showing up.

But while the drama is building up before season 4 begins, let us take a look at the highlights of the previous and one of the most successful Big Brother Naija shows ever. Here are top 5 moments from BBNaija Season 3.

Cee-C and Tobi’s first kiss:

tobi and cee c

After weeks of begging and being curved, Tobi finally got a passionate kiss from Cee-C on day 16 of the show. The pair shared a very deep kiss in the storeroom, while Lolu watched.

In the early days of the show, Cee-C was infamous for rejecting Tobi’s advances whilst being jealous of his relationship with other ladies in the house. Anyway, their relationship did not  last very long, as the days went by, the pair became strangers, and their fights and arguments escalated.

— Khloe and K.Brule’s disqualification:

Khloe and K.Brule

In the third week, Khloe and her strategic partner, K.Brule, were disqualified after Big Brother issued a total of three strikes to the pair. During one of their disagreements after the Saturday house party, Khloe provoked K.Brule by calling his mother a whore.

Following the offense of provocation, Big Brother gave Khloe a strike, putting the pair on two strikes (K.Brule initially earned the pair a strike when he jumped from the balcony and inflicted injury on himself).

For threatening to assault Dee-One and ignoring Biggie’s calls, K.Brule earned the pair a third strike, which eventually led to their disqualification from the game.

— The return of evicted housemates twist: 

Anto and Khloe

This season gave viewers the chance to vote their favorite evicted housemate back into the game for a second chance.

When it was announced, as expected, the twist elicited social media reactions from many of the viewers. While some were excited about the prospect of having their favourites back on the show, others considered it unfair to the other housemates.

While it’s the first of its kind in Africa, the twist has been featured in ten seasons across the US and Canada versions of the show.

Anto and Khloe were the lucky evicted housemates, who got a second chance to play the game.

— Bambam and Teddy A’s sex in the toilet

Bambam and Teddy A's sex in the toilet

Even though the Bamteddy pair weren’t the only romantic pair to consummate their on-screen relationship in the house, their bathroom sex was quite the event, which had fans and viewers both applauding and criticizing.

— Miracle and Nina’s 1st kiss

Miracle and Nina's 1st kiss

Two days into the season, Miracle and Nina, popularly known as Mina, shared their first kiss.

Apart from being the first kiss of the season, the kiss came two days after Nina publicly said she wasn’t interested in finding love in the house, as she is already in a relationship.

Viewers had mocked her claims, and gave her two weeks to go back on her word. The two eventually grew to become some viewers’ favourite couple in the house.

— Cee-C and Tobi’s fight

Cee-C and Tobi's fight

Cee-C was unquestionably one of the most troublesome members of the BBNaija 2018 house. She clashed with many of the housemates – Khloe, Nina, Alex, Ifu –  but her fight with her former strategic partner and love interest, Tobi, remains the most controversial.

It was a dramatic morning on day 80 of the season when Cee-C stomped around the House, hurling insults at Tobi.

Cee-C called him names like: useless, miserable fool, a man who can’t stand on his own, gossip, mumu, ode, oloshi and more.

Unlike her past fights with other housemates, this went viral, and had celebrities such as Toolz, Kemi Adetiba, Linda Ikeji and DJ Exclusive reacting.

— Miracle’s win


The Big Brother Naija finale had quite a number of surprises. Contrary to social media predictions, Nina was evicted before Alex, and Cee-C beat Tobi to emerge the first runner-up.

After 12 weeks of playing the game, Miracle emerged the winner, bringing the season to an end.

By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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