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A lot of young people are taking advantage of social media to earn a living and in the long run become celebrities. One way to attain this status is by making hilarious and funny skits. In line with this, we highlight 7 popular online comedians who are breaking the internet with their skits.

online comedians


She is one of the very few females in the online comedy scene in Nigeria. She started gaining online traction when she posted videos of her dancing and lip-syncing lyrics of songs while she was in Covenant University. After that, she moved on to doing proper comedy videos and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Lasisi Elenu

Lasisi Elenu is the rant master. He rants about social issues affecting the average Nigerian. The ranting isn’t just the funny part, but also the contoured/moulded face he gets from the popular Snapchat filter which gives him a funny look.


Crazeclown is one of the earliest breakout online comedians in Nigeria. He started his videos while in Medical School in Ukraine and gained popularity by posting the most relatable things that happen in African homes.


Started doing comedy skits out of afterschool boredom to keep busy, he has since gained popularity for his comedy skits. He shot a movie in 2017 (Twyse and family) featuring many other online celebrities.



Klintoncod is another online comedian that became popular for doing funny skits. He is friends with Twyse and they have done some very funny videos together. Klintoncod is very versatile and does many relatable skits.


Broda Shaggi

Animashaun Samuel Perry, who hails from Ogun State and is commonly known as Broda Shaggi, is a comedian, visual artist, actor, and musician. He is also known as ‘Nigeria’s No.1 fine boy agbero.’


For Taooma, her experiences with her mum form the crux of her videos. She plays the role of the said mum and the result is often rib-cracking. A lot of her fans wait for her signature slap which has formed part of her comedy.

By: Damilola Faustino

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