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By Damilola Faustino

Autonomous or driverless cars are vehicles that are self-driving and able to navigate the environment without requiring human assistance. In many places, the cars that are permitted on public roadways are not fully autonomous and a human must still be available to take the steering wheel immediately if required.

driverless car

Although there is still a long way to go before we get a fully functional self-driving car. Here are some interesting facts about driverless cars you probably do not know about.

  1. Driverless cars must recognize pedestrians, signage, other vehicles, and traffic lanes in order to function.
  2. An autonomous car would be capable of functioning without human intervention of any kind.
  3. A semi-autonomous car would require driver intervention but be able to provide assistance such as automatic parking and highway driving help.
  4. The first autonomous car prototype was operated by Google under Alphabet Inc. in 2015.
  5. It has been estimated that by 2050 almost all vehicles on the road will be autonomous. By 2035 it is estimated that just under 10% will be autonomous.
  6. Human error accounts for roughly 90% of accidents on roadways. The creation of driverless cars was in an effort to reduce accidents.
  7. A 375-mile trip was made in France in 2015 in a driverless car with no human assistance.
  8. Google has more than 12 autonomous cars on the road in Silicon Valley. Out of the 11 accidents, none were the fault of the cars.
  9. There are more than 19 automobile and parts manufacturers currently developing autonomous cars.

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