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Away from all the conventional modern brews, check out some of Nigeria’s local drinks. You might know some, but there are a few more.

-Palm Wine

palm wine


This is probably the most popular local drink in Nigeria and plays an important role in traditional celebration. Best consumed when fresh and bubbling, palm wine is tapped from different species of palm tree and can be very intoxicating when consumed in large quantities.




Burukutu is a local brew made from sorghum and other grains. It undergoes a process of malting, mashing, pasteurisation and maturation serving as a cheap source of alcohol for the middle belt region of Nigeria.




Pito is a by-product of Burukutu as it lighter and sweetened version that is filtered off the top.


Kunu drink

Image from Dobbys Kitchen


Made from predominantly millet, groundnut or Tiger nut depending on the preferred variety, this milky cream goodness is non-alcoholic and very nutritious. Kunnu is rich in protein, fiber, and vitamin and mineral that can be good alternative for those with lactose intolerance for the regular cow milk.




Made out of a supplement Maize or sorghum and pineapple juice, this drink has the taste of sweetened milk. While serving as a good substitute for milk its locals, Adoyo is said to be a good cure for malaria.





Of course Zobo made the list! This wine coloured drink is made from boiling dried Roselle plant (or as it’s more commonly known, Hibiscus leaves). Other fruit and spices like pineapple, orange, ginger and honey are used for to sweetening and flavoring.




Even though Ogogoro sales have been clamped down by the Nigerian government in different states as a result of many deaths due to improper production, this local vodka continues to top the list of Nigeria’s local drinks. Ogogoro is distilled from the juice of Raffia palm trees; an incision is made in the trunk, the sap is boiled to form steam, which subsequently condenses and is collected for consumption.


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