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Proper food combining is an important way to optimise your digestion, energy and health. However, it can be difficult to follow as it can cause indigestion. Rather than suppressing the symptoms of indigestion, it would be smarter and more effective to remove the causes of indigestion. Here is a list of the most important practices to follow which favour good digestion:

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Do not combine protein and starch in the same meal

Proteins and starches do not combine well. Protein digestion requires an acidic medium and starch a neutral medium. The time to digest starch and protein also varies. The digestive system does not cope when too many varieties of food are introduced at the same time and this will result in indigestion.

Eat fruit on an empty stomach and do not combine it with other foods

If you combine fruit with other food it will digest last and due to its high sugar content, the fruit will ferment. This can cause digestive gas, flatulence and upsets. Eat fruit an hour before a meal or as a snack between meals. Do not have fruit salads as a desert after a meal!

Eat melons alone

Melons do not combine well with anything else especially when you eat a lot of them. You are better off enjoying them on their own.

Avoid fat and protein combinations

Fat inhibits the flow of gastric juice and interferes with protein digestion. Avoid combining avocado or creamy sauces with protein, such as fish and meat.

Avoid consuming too many proteins together

Protein is the most difficult food to digest. Different proteins require different digestive enzymes and time to properly digest. Avoid consuming nuts, eggs, or two different animal proteins together.

Avoid combining sugar with starch

When eaten together the starch is disguised and the salivary amylase enzyme, needed for starch digestion is not being secreted. This will result in sugar fermentation in the stomach. Pastries and mixing cereals and bread with sweet fruits are examples of combinations that should be avoided.

By Damilola Faustino

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