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Is Tottenham the best team in The League right now?

Tottenham went to the top of the table (on goal difference) after defeating Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City in a 2-0 victory at home.
Happy Jose Marinho

The Spurs took a different side, with Kane playing both as the top striker, with runners Son, Bergwin, Moura and Bale all around him. The player that has benefited the most from Kane’s form is Son. The South Korean forward is having the season of his life and is currently the highest goal scorer in the league.

tottenham beat manchester city

Mourinho clearly has a plan and has the personnel to carry out this plan. They’re extremely difficult to play against. Sissoko and Hojberg are there chasing every single ball, you have Ndomblele who looks at a new player and is capable of taking out the opposition’s entire midfield with a single turn.

Speaking on his side’s current form, Jose in typical fashion puts his players first. “For me, I prefer the players to speak because they are the ones. They were fantastic, they gave everything. They follow strategy. More than ever, strategy plays an important part. They were amazing, City is a fantastic team that lost against a team that strategically was very good.”

Spurs are currently top of the table, and Mourinho is gradually leading his side to wins. While they might not be winning by playing beautiful football, The Spurs are playing arguably the best counterattacking football in Europe at the moment. Top of the league in November most times leads to the team winning the league, and should the Spurs continue like this, they just may.


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