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 People fall in love with the most unexpected persons at the most unexpected time when they aren’t searching for it and in the most unexpected places. A seemingly boring backpacking trip stuffed with all the adventure, culture, life lessons might become interesting when love is suddenly thrown in the mix. Who knows, your soul mate may just be a plane ticket away. Here are a few tips on how to find love while traveling:


  1. Explore your environment

Getting to know your environment means you have to leave the comfort of your hotel accommodation to explore your surroundings. If you are not finding love on the road, you are probably not looking very hard. There are potential lovers everywhere, in hotel accommodations near you, restaurants, shopping malls, on the streets, everywhere. Just look around you. Your soul mate could be a tourist like you or a local. Do not discriminate, because you may never know what the future holds.


  1. Be open to the experience

There are many perks of travel romance. If you are fortunate enough to get involved with a local, you can learn the culture, visit romantic spots that you would ordinarily not go on your own except with a local that knows that knows the town, or even pick up the language.


  1. Find someone who shares your dream

When you find someone that shares your dream, you can talk about anything and everything with him or her. From mundane things such as the scorching heat of the sun to important things such as future goals and ambitions. The constant highs of discovery – be it food, new location, culture or simply each other – brings about a frenzy that may last a lifetime if properly nurtured.


  1. Let the communication lines be open

Once you find someone that shares your dream, the next step is to keep the communication lines open. While it sounds very exciting at first, the real work is keeping the initial spark alive. Despite creating a connection that is hard to outmatch, the second you are away from each other and back to your respective homelands, that connection will be threatened. However, there is no need to worry because technology has made it easy to keep the connection alive. Video calls, text messages, voice notes, you name it.


  1. Don’t worry about what happens next

Despite the endless strings of promises to keep staying in touch with the available technology, some travel romance sometimes come to an end. Although you might be quite fortunate to meet someone who  actually writes you a postcard every time, leaves you messages on Skype and all your preferred communication platforms. Whatever the case may be, do not worry about what happens next. Try to fall back into your old routine and gradually pick up where you left. However, if the heartbreak hurts so bad, take another trip. You might never know who you will meet this time around.

Written by Sandra Enaholo Dare

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