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Travis Scott has been making headway with his constant release of hit songs. The Good Music signed artist has just released his second studio album titled “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight”. Reviews show that the album is the Houston native’s ‘most terse and cohesive project to date’.




But that’s not what’s up here. The main question we have is ‘Are Kanye West’s Fashion antics rubbing off on Travis Scott or what?’ That’s the question on everyone’s mind after Travis announced his collaboration with BAPE a Japanese clothing line which was found by Nigo in 1993.




Ahead of the NYFW, La Flame rocked up to the BAPE Store in NYC and put up a surprise performance for his fans. His performance attracted a huge crowd and reports suggest it was a ‘lit’ evening. Travis then seized opportunity of the euphoria in the air to announce his new collaboration with BAPE. BAPE has been known to collaborate with famous artists in the past such as Kanye West, Biggie Smalls, Pharrell Williams and many others, so we can’t wait to see what they have cooking with Travis. The hype is on! And with the release date unknown, one thing that is certain is that fans will turn out in droves to purchase the merchandise.


Written by Bashir Umar

Images: Hype Beast, BAPE

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