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By Damilola Faustino

Congratulations, you got someone to agree to date you! You cannot hide her for long. You have to introduce her to your friends. Friends and romantic partners are probably the two most important people in your lives once you have moved out of your parents’ home, and it’s vital that they at least tolerate one another. A lot of guys bungle the intro and you don’t want to be like a lot of guys. You want to be the guy who smoothly navigates the differences between how he behaves around friends and how he acts around the current love of your life. You don’t want to lose your friendships, and you certainly don’t want to lose the woman. So here’s how to treat your girlfriend around your friends:

will smith and jada

Don’t throw her into the deep end

First impressions have a way of sticking. In a lot of ways, it’s on you to make sure your girlfriend makes a good first impression when you bring her around. If you can help it, don’t introduce your partner to your friends during an overwhelming event. You should wait until you feel the environment is comfortable enough for both of you to make the introduction and ensure that it is not awkward.

Don’t abandon her

Once your girlfriend does know your friends, and you start bringing her to larger and larger group events, don’t leave her alone. It does not mean you should follow her from room to room and linger outside the bathroom when she’s in there. Just don’t abandon your partner at a party you brought her to, where you know twenty people and she knows two. Just check in. Ask if she needs anything.

Leave early

Leave social events earlier than you would on your own. Whether you’re introverted or not, new people usually take a lot of energy to be around, and your date probably has to put in a lot more effort with your buddies than she does with her best friends. Make it seem like it’s at least a little bit your idea: Just ask “are you ready to get out of here?”

Don’t treat her differently around your friends

When certain lovers are around friends, they tend to treat their partner more lovingly, and romantically. But when they are alone, the real opposite tends to be the case. So, try as much as possible to treat your lover well whether you are around friends or not.

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