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The floral eyeliner is a new beauty trend that’s just summer-perfect.

If you have been thinking of indulging in a bit of floral fun this season, how about trying floral eyeliners?

This is the prettiest of spring trends doing the rounds, with women using floral patterns to line their eyes.

Whether it’s a whole bouquet, or intricate detailing, this trend is totally reigniting our love for all things floral.

Floral eyeliners are quirky, kitschy, full of pop, easy to do and give you so many options to play around with. But remember to keep your makeup light because floral liners create a strong statement.

A layer of light foundation, blush-on in red or peach, and a pastel lipstick are enough to complete the look.

This is one of the simplest and most basic DIY for a beginner. You can try different looks with bold wine, dramatic electric blue and flaming reds.

 Floral 2


Here’s what you will need:

  1. Bright coloured liquid eyeliners,
  2. Some scotch tape (to set the angle for a winged liner),
  3. An angled eyeliner brush and dotting tools to create a professional look.
  4. A dotting tool from your nail art kit to draw the flowers.
  5. A pastel to keep it low key, and neon to dazzle.

How to apply it

  • Apply a thin liner along the insides of the upper eyelid.
  • Prep the eyelid with a primer and apply a neutral eye shadow.
  • Pick out liquid eyeliners in interesting shades of green, orange, yellows and pink. Turn your fist into a palette and dab smudges of liners.
  • Now, using dotting tools, create dots along the eyelid in a floral arrangement.
  • Combine the floral line with other trends — like a cutcrease eye shadow — for a diva-look.
    If you want to keep it low key, just draw your regular wings in colourful liner and accent the tip of the wing with one or two pretty blooms.
  • Finish off with a single coat of mascara,

Flowers are pretty, but leaves have their own breezy charm too. So, go for an ivy inspired liner, and adorn it with small dots to represent flowers.

Check out more of the Floral looks below and in slides above:

Floral 3

Floral 1


Written By Ugochi Obiajunwa

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