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A well-polished nail says a lot about how coordinated a woman is. But with nail art designs, it shows how fashion forward and trendy you are.

lip and nails

Nail art is now one of the trends that have kept women looking fabulous and beautiful overtime. Complements are not limited to jewelry, scarves and handbags. Makeup is also important.

lip and nail1

The right nail polish and lipstick properly combined can help women keep their look hot.

lip and nail6

Great makeup takes decisions-making to mix and match products until you find your ideal color and style. Beauty has so far introduced us to more creativity, as our beauticians teach us more ways to go about combining our nails and lipstick.

Many beauty companies are releasing lipsticks and nail polishes in the same colour. Matching”lips and tips” is a fun way to create a bold or ladylike look.

Ladies today, buy into this trending idea as they rock different lips and nails for different events.

Checkout some of the amazing looks this trend creates and join in the trend:

nail and lip

lip and nail4

lip and nail3

lip and nail5Dress your lips and nails lush in colors of winter to play up the season.

You could choose colors with dark tones, like berries, blackberry, blueberry or reds that highlight the holiday spirit and feeling of faint winter.

lip and nail2

In this time of year, lipsticks and nails can be bold and striking to create a highly polished look that needs little additional accessories.

Written By Ugochi Obiajunwa

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