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If you have been on twitter today, you must have seen #Ibadan, #Pablo, #KeepTheChange and #WemaBank trending.

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But why are these hashtags trending? It is an interesting story. Get a cup of coffee and I will tell you. Mind you I don’t gossip. I am just reporting what is happening.

But before going further, a quick question, If a girl agrees to go on a date with you, does it mean that she will say yes to a relationship?

This was what happened to a guy with twitter handle @Pabloayodeji when he went on a date with @MissMoshiku in Ibadan.

His perception was that since she agreed to go on a date with him, it automatically means she will say Yes. He was disappointed as @MissMoshiku said No.

Pablo was so vexed that he tweeted about it. He didn’t know that he was looking for trouble.

The tweet:

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@Pabloayodeji tweeted: “Some girls are just mad. You agreed o go on a date with me and you’re telling me you not interested in a relationship. #brokeasshungrybitch.”

Well, @MissMoshiku also couldn’t take it. She showed that she was not a #BrokeAssHungryBitch by refunding the money Pablo spent during the date, with extra change “for public transport”. And she made sure she tweeted about it.

Her tweet:

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Wawu! What an award-winning response! She sent Pablo N5,000 and told him to #KeepTheChange for transport. Pablo Ayodeji spent N3,800 during the date. They must have been very close for her to have his account number.

You may be wondering why Wema Bank is trending? It is because Pablo is using a Wema Bank account. As in which young person uses a Wema Bank Account when there is Access Bank?

This may be funny or serves as a comic relief, however, let’s end by asking some questions:

Was @MissMoshiku right to go on a date with a guy she wasn’t interested in?

Was @PabloAyodeji right to express his anger via twitter?

Did he give up too easily? Could he have tried again to convince @MissMoshiku?

You can rush to twitter now to read some of the hilarious responses to the @PabloAyodeji and @MissMoshiku saga.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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