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If you have not caught on to the fever of men purses, you are on your own. Menswear have continually taken on various modifications and improvements over the years, becoming unique and sparking conversations about gender identity.


envelope clutch


More interestingly, the man bag is one trendy fashion item that allows flexibilities in diverse functions and aesthetic layering. This makes it so much fun and fashionable. Why it has not been a thing for years leaves me speechless.

Besides the obvious and very imperative function of carrying important documents and cash, men purses are simply great to accessorize.

They literally communicate fashion.

Take a look and decide what type of man purse suits you best.

And if you are like me and you just can’t decide, who says you cannot get them all?

hand bag

For a much easier and fun day, the whole fanny pack gives the most fashion forward vibe a man can give. Designed to be useful or practical, rather than attractive, it is the easiest way in keeping your belongings close, but not unnoticed. You can either choose to keep it on your back, chest or by your side, switching positions at will all day.


Having bulges in your pants created by your phone/wallet/car keys doesn’t go unnoticed. That’s why you should always do a MAN BAG.

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Photo credit: Pinterest / SDR

Written by Patrick Eromosele Eidusi

Instagram: @pathrik_

Twitter: @_pathrik