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Being pregnant can be hip. This period doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to forsake your personal style choice. Do not feel the need to be limited to maternity clothes, there are trendier equivalent. Rejoice all fashion minded moms everywhere because here are a few things to keep in mind so that you can be trendy and pregnant and neither has to suffer.

maternity style1

First, you should never compromise on comfort. This is the most important of them all. People mistake discomfort with fashion. If those six inch heels make your feet hurt, wear sneakers. There is no need adding more to your body, you are already carrying a child.

maternity style2

Look for the latest trends with other celebrity moms. Since their image in the public means a lot to them, they will not compromise on fashion. Being a celebrity, they all have different fashion styles, but being a mom is the same and they will choose trends that will be great for both their style and their baby.

maternity style3

Don’t forget that almost all of your favorite wardrobe items are available in maternity styles. If you love dresses, you can go for a dress that will be fit at the upper area and free waist down, giving room for you to or not to show off that beautiful baby bump.

maternity style4

When in doubt, T-shirts are the perfect go-to. They are the emblem of fashion and comfort, especially with cute designs about being pregnant. Since you will want to save money for the baby, these are inexpensive and great.

Any maternity Fashion trend that has worked for you, leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

Written by Theresa Ogochukwu

Image source: parents.com, fatgirlflow.com, thymematernity.com, dhgate.com

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