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Written By Damilola Faustino

On a day you are organising a party, with the sun heating you up, in the absence of power (because you are Nigerian) and you can only run your generator for several hours, your major concern is how you are going to ice your drinks, as you cannot serve your guest hot drinks. When this happens, it will seem like the end of your party is imminent, but it’s not! Here are a few tips that will help you keep your drinks cold:

Quick freeze

Pick out whatever you want to put into your cocktail. Wrap the bottles in a wet paper towel, making sure to cover the entire bottle. Place the now wrapped bottle into the freezer for five minutes (meaning you power your gen for five minutes), or until the paper towels get hard. Pull the bottles out of the freezer, serve and enjoy.

Cold cups

Make sure that your cup is not glass and run it under cold water. Place it in the freezer until the cup becomes cold, with a small amount of dew coming off on your fingers when you touch it. Make your cocktail in your now cold cup, serve and enjoy.

Fruit Replacement

Keep your fruit in the fridge, that way if you run out of ice you can use the cold fruit as ice while waiting for your ice maker to catch up. You can also buy freezer baggies of fruit; they make great smoothies.

Cans of Ice

While you won’t be making cans of ice, you can use cans as ice. You’ll need a larger glass, place a cold can into the glass and make your cocktail.

Reuse Ice

Have emergency reusable plastic ice cubes. While it takes a little more of pre-planning, reusable ice cubes are always a good idea to have.

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