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By Damilola Faustino

It is the weekend at last! And plans are rolling in… But whatever your plans are, it’s important to make the effect last as long as possible to improve your life in the long run. Here are some helpful tricks to boost your weekends:

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Don’t oversleep

Almost everyone falls for this. They want to oversleep so that they can recover all the lost sleep for the week. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sleeping but do not overdo it. Otherwise, you will feel exhausted on Monday morning. Make a habit to always wake up at the same time every day.

Meet up with your friends

The truth you are most likely to have the best time with your friends, yet sometimes you put off making that phone call to arrange something because you don’t. If you make the effort, though, you know it will be worthwhile! Hanging out with friends also goes a long way in changing or influencing your perspective about life.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol

Friday night is the time to party and get down with some bottles of alcohol. For you to have an enjoyable and frolicking weekend, do not down too much alcohol.
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If you do, you may be dealing with a serious case of hangover which will definitely ruin your weekend.

Unplug from technology

This may be a bit difficult because so many of us are attached to our gadgets. Regardless. it is still possible to unplug by channelling your energy towards something else. For example, you can read a book.

Clean your home

If you still have some energy left, try simplifying your environment by doing some cleaning. Organize your paperwork in filing cabinets and try to build some additional storage space if needed. Next, get rid of old bath and makeup products in the bathroom. Get more organized by using a simple glass containers set, or a woven basket strategically placed under the sink.

Go to a yoga class

 Yoga is also a form of meditation that helps tremendously in fighting stress and achieving peacefulness of body and mind. You do not have to be a monk before enrolling.

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