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TripZappHey there guys, so last week we started our story on The TripZapp Train Trip to Ogun State.

Now, where were we… We got to the first stop in no time. There are train station signs at each stop which were fun to look out for. If you look close enough you’d notice the old stone train station signs which we are guessing might be from the colonial era. Unlike the Iddo Train Station, which there are hardly any train station buildings for, the rest of the stops are within a market.

Iddo–Ebute Metta Juntion (Alagomeji)—Yaba—Mushin—Oshodi—Ikeja—Agege—Iju Junction—Agbado—Itoki—Ijoko. The ride took about an hour 20mins and was a traffic-free comfortable journey. We got off the train, bought a ticket for the ride back.ogun-state-train-trip tripzapp

The return journey was a bit less desirable as we found out there’s actually just one working track and as such we had to stop a couple times to give way for an oncoming train. Our return train was headed for Apapa so we got off at Ebute Metta Junction, took a cab and were back at the Iddo Station by 5:45pm.

ogun-state-train-trip tripzappFor a lot of frequent train railroad travelers, going by rail is highly preferred to road transportation, because they can escape the Lagos traffic craziness.

There are several trains between Iddo, Ijoko and Apapa each day from as early as 5:30am till as late as 8:50pm, so there are multiple travel options.

The railway service also provides a good travel alternative for trips to other states. There is a Tuesday train to Ilorin which stops at Agege, Abeokuta, Ibadan, Ede, Osogbo, and Offa, as well as a Friday train which goes as far as Kano, all for amazingly affordable fares.

ogun-state-train-trip tripzapp

The Ilorin and Kano trains have economy, first class and first class sleeper coaches. The economy coaches are the same as the daily economy trains. The first class coaches are nice and air conditioned with cushioned reclining seats that have drop down eating trays.

The first class sleeper coaches have bunk bed and are reserved for passengers travelling farther north. Great alternative to travelling by road ay? We definitely will be taking the Tuesday/Friday train out of Lagos soon. Oh and did we forget to mention, there’s a cargo service as well.

ogun-state-train-trip tripzappOur little birds in the North tell us the Northern trains and their station are very impressive. The train stations in Kubwa, Kaduna and Abuja to mention a few are modern with nice waiting lounges and cafes. The trains have mini bars selling refreshments on board the train.

ogun-state-train-trip tripzappReally great progress being made by the Nigerian Railway Corporation and we look forward to more, but in the mean time we’ll be exploring the various train routes and keeping you updated.

But if you ever find yourself stuck trying to find out how to get somewhere for an affordable price, try going by rail and share your experience with us.

Till then, safe travels and incase you missed it, here is a video of our trip:

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