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Choosing where to go for your honeymoon is sometimes too much of a headache especially with all the wedding planning craziness going on. There’s not enough room for creativity with the honeymoon planning leaving a lot of couples to settle for what’s familiar. You’ve probably heard of honeymooning in Seychelles, Dubai, Paris, Zanzibar, Maldives, maybe even Fiji, Hawaii or Bora Bora. These are usually top destinations for Nigerian honeymooners and they are all gorgeous destinations. But if you’re looking for something different from the regular-an experience you’d never forget-here are 5 destinations you should consider.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

There’s a reason its nickname is the “Isle of the Gods.” The island had been a magnet for romance seekers for its mist-shrouded temples, beautiful mountain vistas and vivid arts scene. If you’re looking for a true escape-a private time with your partner-then Bali is for you. With a ton of amazing villas for different budgets nestled within nature’s breath-taking views, your honeymoon is guaranteed to make leave you spiritually connected to your spouse.

Indonesia, Bali, Gianyar, Buahan Payangan, Ubud Hanging Gardens hotel group Orient-Express, one young woman back outstretched arms, infinity pool overlooking the jungle at sunrise

The Hanging Gardens of Bali

Arrange a trip to Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple. Located atop a cliff rising 200 feet above the Indian Ocean, it has one of the most unforgettable sunset views in the world. Then, stay for the mesmerizing nightly Kecak dance performance. Have a romantic oceanfront candlelight dinner on the edge of a cliff surrounded by candles and flower petals with a perfect view of the vast Indian Ocean below at Uluwatu resort. Take a Bali Day cruise. Unwind with a traditional Balinese couple’s massage and spa treatment that’s guaranteed to have you on cloud 9. The Asians do it best anyway. Take a cooking class, go white water rafting, waterfall hunting, elephant riding, explore rice fields or cycle through Ubud. You’ve got all the makings of an unforgettable trip.








  1. Saariselkä, Finland

Honeymooning in between August and April? This unlikely Finnish destination will provide all the magic your honeymoon needs. The Kakslauttanen Resort in Saariselkä is one of the world’s best places to watch the northern lights. Imagine snuggling up next to your loved one in a glass igloo and gazing into the bright stars and multicolored northern lights in the dark night sky. It will be a truly romantic and unforgettable experience.

Unique pre wedding shoot photos with the Northern Lights


Visit Finland lyhytdokumentin kuvaukset. Hongkongista Inariin Kakslauttaseen töihin muuttanut Angela Chow.




For an adventurous couple, Saariselkä has a lot to offer. Skiing, hiking and visiting the other Northern Lapland areas will provide a good to-do. However, if you do not fancy the cold and snow, a few days relaxing in the smoke saunas, ice swimming and gazing into the northern lights at the Kakslauttanen resort is all you need. You can hop over to Paris, Cappadocia or the Amalfi Coast for the rest of your honeymoon.


  1. Cape Town, South Africa



Looking for a quick, relaxing, relatively affordable nuptial escape? Cape Town, just 10 hours from Lagos, is the destination for you. Cape Town has something for every couple. Go wine tasting in one of the amazing Cape Winelands, relax on the glamorous beaches on the coast, shop and try out restaurants at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, ride a cable car across Table Mountain or hike through the wild landscapes and explore some of the world’s best safaris. From foodie, shopaholic, beach bum, adventure to exploring couples, you are bound to love your getaway without much planning stress. If you have a long honeymoon planned, you may want to check out the cruises to Durban or Mozambique and get more out of your trip.






  1. Santorini, Greece

This small volcanic island is known for its seriously gorgeous sunsets and pristine whitewashed villas and makes for the perfect romantic getaway destination.


Love art, history, Greek mythology or just picturesque landscapes? Then this Santorini is for you. Imagine you and your lover dressed in white against the pristine whitewashed villas and gorgeous sunsets over the Aegean seas. The makings of a perfect picture.



Relax on the beach or rent a scooter and go on a romantic ride with your spouse. Visit Oia, go swimming at the red beach and relax on the Perissa black sand beach. Explore ancient sites like the Bronze Age settlement of Akrotíri (oftentimes called “Minoan Pompeii”), mud bath by the volcano (if you want to try something new),visit wineries, go hiking and shop in the many boutiques.



  1. Amalfi, Tuscany and Venice, Italy

Oh the wine, the art, the food, the language!! What’s not to love about Italy? And why visit just one city? Experience different amazing romantic cities with your spouse and fall in love again and again and create memories you will never forget.



Where to start?  The Amalfi coast, where the light and shimmering blue ocean makes your heart sing, and the picturesque mountain road leads from one beauty spot to another? Tuscany, with its castle wineries, castle hotel, stunning architecture, buildings and mouthwatering Italian food that are sure to give you a sense of pleasure and serenity?




Puglia, for quieter beaches and great food; the Italian Lakes, which feel like another era altogether, and that most timeless of romantic destinations, Venice (not great in August though). Let yourself go in the home of romance and feel the love all around you.


Keep these destinations at the back of your mind when all the wedding craziness is going on. We recommend deciding on a destination around the same time you pick a wedding date and start planning immediately so you don’t run out of options or get frustrated by the time the wedding date starts rolling around. Give us a call and we’ll take the stress of planning your honeymoon off of you.

The honeymoon is the first experience of your life together. Make it an unforgettable one!

Safe travels!


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