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Donald Trump now plays the accordion, thanks to an Australian satirist who thought that some musical accompaniment might help the president-elect get his political points across more effectively. And what better instrument for the future Commander-in-Chief but folk music’s favorite – the accordion.

It’s only five days to go before US President elect Donald Trump takes over the top office of the United States of America. And as much as the reality of that has pained many going by the scores of headlines and social media buzz leading up to D-Day, the side effect of Trump coming to power seems to be a never-ending line-up of memes and parody videos that started off during the election campaign last year, and now continues full force.



The video, which follows on from previous Trump playing accordion Gifs, has been met by an unsurprisingly humorous reaction, with some viewers even suggesting that Trump himself could be the headline act at his own inauguration next week.

So sit back and soak in the soothing tunes of the Polka President. Coming soon to a nowhere near you.


Damilola Okejide


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