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If Trump becomes president, there will be no going back on the ban on Muslims from the United States. This has been his mantra from the days of the Republican primary elections and he further reaffirmed his position on immigration at an interview session with press men on Sunday, he said:

I would suspend immigration from areas of the world when there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies, until we understand how to end these threats…”

Worse still is no one country is exempted from the Muslim ban as he refused to rule out countries like France and Germany saying they are totally compromised by terrorism.

trump muslims

So what are the implications of the world view of America’s next would-be president –

Ban on US allies- This means citizens of countries like France, Germany, and UK who do require a visa for tourist travel will no longer have access to the States, According to the data delivered by the US Department of Commerce, this comes down to about 7.5 million tourist in a year

Ban on Terror Sponsored States- You could refer to these states as the terrorists’ headquarters of the world and they include Iran, Sudan and Syria. Trust me they will be getting no action when Trump becomes President.

Ban on Terrorist Safe Haven States- These states are safe havens for terror groups and they include Nigeria, Mali, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Lebanon, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Pakistan ,Yemen, Russia, Israel, India, Chad, Cameroon…and the list goes on….

Does the list seem endless? Maybe that’s because half of the world is on Trump’s terror list! Data gathered from the US States Department annual report on global terrorist activity has 40 countries listed on its watch list, this means over 10.2 million people from all over world could be barred from the United States.

Everyone, please join me in group prayer.

Written by Kike Olowu


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